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Partner with Micro Wrestling All*Stars to build your bar or club business by bringing new patrons into your establishment. Our events are proven to attract large numbers of patrons, many instances to full capacity.
We provide a professional grade wrestling ring and top quality little person wrestlers to create the wildest entertainment imaginable. In addition to having a very profitable night of ticket admission and alcohol sales, the exposure this will bring your venue will have a lasting effect long after the event has happened. We will even hype up your upcoming specials and promotions during the event.
The name of the game is putting the spotlight on your venue because there is a multitude of local patrons that haven’t yet discovered your club that would be their favorite spot if they only experienced your establishment once. This also creates “word of mouth” about your venue, which is still the most effective form of advertising.
Hosting Micro Wrestling All*Stars is the proven way to drive traffic to your business and be attached to the strong local buzz that always occurs ahead of, during and after one of our events tour in various localities. This could include your local market of potential customers.
Watch your social media engagement go through the roof! Content posted about Micro Wrestling All*Stars on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others result in high engagement and your branding in highlighted on every digital impression. The likes, reacts, comments and shares can make the right piece of content go viral in your local community and Micro Wrestling All*Stars will provide premium marketing materials to make this happen. We are your partner in making your bar or club the place to be in the local community.R


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