Micro-Wrestling All*Stars And Friends featuring the “World’s Most Dangerous Little People” is the perfect blend of an entertainment cocktail, it combines all the ingredients glitz and glamour of Sports Entertainment Mogul WWE World Wrestling Entertainment meets the excitement and danger of UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship. Micro-Wrestling All*Stars  contains extremely athletic, entertaining and colorful characters that are larger than life, add in Micro Bikini’s and the World’s finest Championship Mud Wrestling performers then add in a special blend and attraction of the toughest and most outrageous women’s pro wrestlers on the circuit fighting in “No Holds Barred” “Anything Goes”, "No Rules" Hardcore Matches and then add in a special dash of audience participation.... and a live experience like none other has been created and then you have Micro-Wrestling All*Stars Live! with all it's special blend of herbs and spices  MIDGETS! GIRLS! MICRO BIKINI’S AND WRESTLING! The Ultimate Entertainment Meal Desert And Cocktail Has Been Created! We’re throwing a party… “A Micro-Wrestling All*Stars Party! 


We Offer the Following Rated Events:


M-Mature Audiences (21) Plus

NC 18- (18) Plus 

G-General Audiences All Ages


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